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2020 Visions - Single
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A post pandemic tribute to the suffocation and 'carnival chaos' of 2020 that carries on through to today, having rallied a carousel of graffiti'd up mask-wearers from across the globe to tell their story. Thanks to everyone who took part!

2020 Visions was suggested as a title by Angerland's Kerm as it started life just before the world went into lockdown. When Angerland reconvened after lockdown, the lyrics, which were originally to be some sort of Nostradamus-type predictions, had become a different beast and morphed into a commentary on the times we’ve been living through.

"We knew we were going to do a lyric video and threw around a variety of ideas until we hit on the idea of getting people to write the lyrics on facemasks. Thanks to all the people who got involved! And thanks to Angharad for compiling and editing it all together for us."

The Clown King - EP

Branded by Facebook as political slander, restricted by YouTube as indecent, 'The Clown King' pays tribute to ex-president Donald Trump and his circus of compadres.

The EP 'The Clown King' features 3 tracks 'This Blood Machine', 'A Comedy Of Hate' and 'The Clown King'. A mesmerising and encapsulating reflection of the worldwide circus of leaders.

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