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Your words are required!

‼️ Citizens of Angerland! ‼️

Trust you are all surviving the viral challenge and remain fit and well. We were in the midst of recording a new tune when hit with the lock-down! Entitled ‘Visions (2020)’, we had some lyrical sketches for vocals.

Social distancing has, for the time being, put the latest rage on ice. So with that in mind, we’ve decided to change the script... This is where we hand it over to you... 🤘

Via social media or here, give us a word or two, phrase, short sentence, novella – whatever takes your fancy – to reflect your thoughts, fears, hopes on this year so far, and what might be to come...

We’ll reflect what you give us and get the tune finished as soon as we can get back into the studio. Sound like a plan?


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